V/A WIZARDS OF GORE – Tribute to Impetigo 2xLP

gore / grind


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A1Murder Corporation (2)Boneyard 
A2Blood DusterDis-Organ-Ized 
A3MorticianCannibal Lust 
A5ImpaledI Work For The Streetcleaner 
B1Sanitys DawnHeart Of Illinois 
B2HaemorrhageStaph Terrorist 
B3DeepredTrap Them And Kill Them 
B4Vampiric MotivesSinister Urge 
B5ExhumedCannibal Apocalypse 
B6VastionHarbinger Of Death 
B8Cock And Ball TortureRed Wigglers 
C1Lymphatic PhlegmMy Lai 
C2Blood (5)Wizard Of Gore 
C3EngorgedDear Uncle Creepy 
C4Intense Hammer RageDefiling The Grave 
C5WadgeVenereal Warts / The Belch 
C6Last Days Of HumanityRevenge Of The Scabby Man 
C7Morgue (2)My Lai 
C8IngrowingBitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell 
D2Gore Beyond NecropsyJane Fonda Sucks 
D3Morbid SavouringIntense Mortification 
D4LividityBloody Pit Of Horror 
D5C.S.S.O.Cannibal Ballet 
D6DemisorMy Lai 
D7Lord GoreBreakfast At The Manchester Morgue

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