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The ‘Godflesh’ EP was released by the one of the Industrial Metal Pioneers who go by the same name: Godflesh. This EP was released in 1988 where Justin Broadrick had recently parted ways with Napalm Death after their ‘Scum’ release. Broadrick would team up with the members from ‘Fall of Because’ and would later start ‘Godflesh’. This album is packed with pounding riffs with heavily reverb guitars and a strong bass. Echoes of dark, urban reality come true with this visceral blend of industrial sound, droning riffs, electronic drum-beats, and heavily unintelligible vocals shouting about the Dog-Eat-Dog reality we live in. The song’s have enough variation in sound (or noise) to make every track interesting and never boring, don’t let the tag of this being industrial” fool you. Godflesh has been considered one of the pioneers of the Industrial Metal sub-genre around the late 80s, and listening to this nowadays is guaranteed to be just as kick ass today as it was back then. Grade A material here.



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