DISCARD – Four Minutes Past Midnight LP

d-beat / crust


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Reissue! Just after their 1986 demo was released in 1990 asDeath From Above” EP, Per Lundström (Agoni) remained the only original member of Discard. He went on to recruit Mats Svensson from Asocial on guitar, along with two others to record this solid full- length D-Beat album, “Four Minutes Past Midnight”. 

Originally pressed by Ripping Records in 1993, a sub-label of Plastic Head Distribution, “Four Minutes Past Midnight” will now see the light once again on Unrest Records with permission of Mats Svensson. Discard is one of the original D-Beat bands that played furious, bare bones and in-your-face Discharge infused hardcore punk. Even though they began as a Mob 47 side project with a couple of demos, compilations and one live performance, Discard had an impact on bands like Doom, who are one of the most important and influential British crust punk bands ever. 

By the time “Four Minutes Past Midnight” came out in 1993, the D-Beat epidemic had begun as bands like Disclose, Dischange or Disfear (and Disaster before them) were proudly carrying the banner of Discharge-worship, the patterns of which had been drawn by Discard in 1985. Discard continues to play a crucial role in punk history as they influence the distorted sounds of D-Beat bands to this day. 

Re-mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios (Portland, USA), this classic repress comes on a reverse board printed gatefold jacket!

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