MANKIND? – Discography LP


a-punk / crust / hardcore
PŘEDOBJEDNÁVKA – 27. 11. 2021

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Full discography from this Political hardcore punk band from New Haven CT, active from 1993-1995.
Includes all previous recorded material from their Won’t You Join The Army Now So You Can Fight… And You Can Die! 7″ EP, splits EPs with DIRT and FINAL WARNING as well as their comp tracks. Here you also have two unreleased bonus songs. Mankind? is still a very influential band in the Anarcho Punk scene playing often at the time with their pairs AUS ROTTEN. Members have also played in THE PIST, BEHIND ENEMY LINES, AUS ROTTEN, CALLOUSED, CAUSTIC CHRIST, BROKEN, REACT only to name a few. This full length also includes a A2 size foldout poster and a 16 page A4 sized full colored booklet with all lyrics, info, photos, artwork.
First press of 400 on Black Vinyl and 250 on LTD Turquoise Vinyl.

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