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 In April 1995, a completely unknown band from a small town in Eastern Poland recorded their first material. Searching for any interested label failed, and tape with recordings reached small, just started, amateurish and little ambitious label from Warsaw and decisions about the release this on cassette format are made. This tape was sold around 1500 copies so it was definitely good decision and good to start both parts invilved. Even with a catalogue number of 003, it was physically the first release on Refuse Records & Tapes in January 1996. The release show took place in Warsaw with Homomilitia, Sanctus Iuda and Hostility. The entire show was a soundtrack for violent dancing and non-stop fights. It was under these circumstances that both the label and band began a 15-year working relationship. Now twenty years since the recording of this demo, it’s being re-released as an LP on a one-time pressing, limited to 328 copies. It will feature a booklet, as well as, a DVD documentary about the band, Punk rock wg. Złodziei Rowerów” (P. Tymiński, Studio Ulica, english subtitles provided), along with a gallery of pictures and show flyers from 1993-2010.

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