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The record that has been in the works for more than four years from these K-town degenerates is now ready. We are proud to present the dark and rough reality that is THE WAR GOES ON. Made up of people responsible for bands like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, HJERTESTOP, and many more K-town classic hardcore bands. This record sees singer Ronni Dybdahl delve further into the depths of darkness and gloom than ever before, and come back with an anthemic hard pounding street punk record that somehow blurs the lines between Oi!, Punk, and Hardcore….


Debut LP from this new Danish band that features former members of No Hope for the Kids and Hjerte Stop. If you were a big NHFTK fan (and who wasn’t in like 2004?) you’ll immediately recognize the distinctive vocals, but The War Goes On is a little different. While the dark melodies and catchy vocals are very much intact from NHFTK, the music is generally faster and more straightforwardly punk a la Hjerte Stop… maybe I’m just listening for it because I’m aware of the members’ backgrounds, but it does sound like those two bands smashed together. It’s extremely well-written and recorded, to the point where some of it actually reminds me a bit of Bad Religion’s stuff from the early 00s after they returned to Epitaph and kind of re-punked-up their sound. I’m sure that comparison will be a big turn-off to some people, but it does serve as fair warning: this is pretty slick stuff, but I wouldn’t say it’s overproduced by any means. I can’t help but feel like if this has come out 10-12 years ago they would be, hands-down, one of the biggest bands in the worldwide punk scene, but the sound of this, to me at least, doesn’t seem to be where a lot of people’s heads are at in 2016. There are advantages and disadvantages to that; on the one hand it sticks out more for sounding very different than most of the recent stuff that has passed across my turntable, but at the same time it doesn’t have the force of the zeitgeist behind it. It’s definitely a well-crafted, engaging record, so use the info above to determine if you’re someone likely to be blown away by it.

WINTERVIEW issue #3, winter 2017

I have listened to this one for so many times that I find no sense in writing anything about it. It simply is an essential record for anyone claiming to be punk in 2017. True melancholic punk rock from the ashes of NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS with the most authentic suicidal lyrics ever written.

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