THE GEROGERIGEGEGE – Piss shower girlfriend (pink sticker) LP picture



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Fluorescent pink&blue sticker version, ltd. to 200 copies.
A totally unreleased album with lost & found recordings by the undisputed Japanese ultra-noise master!! Quoting Juntaro himself to let you understand how this whole project started: “And, I’d just found excellent unreleased tape of Gero at home. I can’t remember this recording and date. Date, maybe, the end of ’80 or early ’90. I think you and Gero’ fans really like this recording. Side A for 15min. Side B for 15min. I named this record is.. PISS SHOWER GIRLFRIEND!” In front of a message like this we at F.O.A.D. Records certainly could not back down, so here it is.. “Piss Shower Girlfriend” – the first picture disc ever released in Gero’s boundless discography. Japan’s sickest senzuri noise perversion. It’s all here, brief song introductions, his typical “1,2,3,4” and then an avalanche of ear-pinching horrorific noise ferocity of the most sheer and annihiliating type topped by lacerating screams… you are warned! 13 songs in total. Picture disc in strong PVC bag, limited to 400 copies, 200 with fluorescent pink & blue sticker and 200 with fluorescent violet & green sticker.

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