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Suffering Mind from Lublin are known for their passion for releasing vinyl on different non-standard sizes. Some of these discs were released in very small editions (20-30 pieces) and were unavailable for most of the interested, the other ones (the smallest) unfortunately can not be played on most of the turntables. That’s why we decided to collect all the recordings together and release them on one disc. 11″ includes: s/t 2″, Death To False Grind 3″, s/t 4″, split 5″ with Phobia, split 5″ with S.A.T.A.N., split 5″ with Dead Church, split 5″ with Powercup, split 5″ with the P.L.F., split 6″ with Protestant, split 9″ with MassGrave. You will find 19 studio songs and 2 live tracks (Rostock, September 2010) on the record.
For those who do not know the band: Suffering Mind is a modern punkish grind core with strong power violence influences. The lyrics forcibly deal with all the evil of this world, denouncing strongly politicians for their fuck ups and corruption as well as negative attitudes on the punk scene and around it. Members of Suffering Mind play in such projects as Enth, HellisHeaven, Ash And Ruin, Dogmatic Slumber and run a small label Wist Records.
The album was pressed on thick vinyl. Limited edition includes an additional aluminum sheet with a cover printed on it. In addition, some of the limited edition records will have an added surprise relating to the theme of the cover.

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