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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present on vinyl LP the LONG-awaited debut album of America’s RUIN, Drown in Blood. Not much is known about the anonymous aural torturers known as RUIN. The small amount of information that’s been revealed is that the band was formed back in 1991, somewhere in the United States. Due to various members of the band being incarcerated and institutionalized, RUIN was disbanded at some point later that year. Rumors have also swirled that the band members were/are part of some sort of cult. 

Now free from any obstacles, the RUIN death metal machine was re-started again in 2015, and work began in earnest for what was to become their debut album (at last!), Drown in Blood. With roots firmly planted in utter and complete musical devastation, RUIN’s sonic debauchery is mean, vicious, spiteful, raucous, and sickening death metal. Shit-heavy and strewn with shit, their long-brewing Drown in Blood is pure and utter ugliness enriched with doomed-out passages, crusty tempos, and sudden blasts that are meant to turn your stomach without care. Vile and viscous, filthy and foul, the influences seem to come from some sort of bastard child spawned from Hellhammer covers being slammed out by Realm of Chaos-era Bolt Thrower taking place in the jam room of Finnish sickos Abhorrence in 1989: that’s how heavy and crushing their stuff is, offering no remorse and no escape for the helpless/hapless listener. That’s how you Drown in Blood, y’know? 

If you’re a fan of putrid old-school death metal and the aforementioned bands as well as Sweden’s Crematory, Rottrevore, Undergang, Demigod, Rippikoulu, Autopsy, and Cianide, then you will put RUIN in the same puke-infested bucket. As longtime fans, BLOOD HARVEST is proud to present the puke-infest bucket that is Drown on Blood on the format it was so intended: vinyl! [then maybe some quick mention of pressing info – colors, numbers, etc] 

—– REVIEWS —– 

“RUIN play great (expletive) Death Metal. They kill. They slay. If you like banging your head until your vision is blurry and the doctor warns you not to do it anymore lest you get more brain damage, then stop reading this now and pick up RUIN’S album.” – (Metal Temple) 

“Filthy, disgusting, evil death metal ― that’s Ruin in a nutshell. It’s been a while since I heard such aural impurities, as though spoken to me by a dark deity from beyond the veil. The music transmits a feeling of bliss, but in a sick and twisted way.” – (Underground Siege) 

“Very well suited for those who think the mentally ill brother of a combination of Rottrevore, Autopsy, Impetigo, Necrophagia and Winter sounds like a great idea… You pervert!” 
– (Lords of Metal) 

“Crust covered guitars ooze out string slack laden, filthy, speedily picked and chunky riffs, flooding across steadily pounded drums, grinding downwards into swampy slowness, all as gargling barks vomit forth all that is putrid.” – (Cvlt Legion) 

“If primitive riffing and vocals that sound like they’re coming from a musty crypt appeal to you, Ruin has you covered.” – (Nine Circles) 

“Rotten, festering, bowel-crushing DEATH FUCKIN METAL! If you like your death metal feral, vicious and mainly played at slower to midpaced tempos, then look no further. Ruin has exactly what you need.” – (Wormwood Chronicles) 

“RUIN plays a form of old school Death Metal with slow sludgy riffs that pay homage to another era.” -(Voices from the Darkside) 

“Old school US death metal that is more about the gloomy, atmosphere, the putrid feel, the raw heaviness and the groove (they are especially good for the groove) than about being fast or technical.” – (Blasting Days)


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