PROTESTERA – Pengarna Eller Livet LP


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Utterly political, raging crustpunk, driven fe/male vocals. The anarchapunx Protestera are back! Some [new] songs were released as the split with the Warsaw punx Massmilicja (HALVEP098, 2016), but here are the new fullength album. Q: And the music? A: And the music! The music is for what Protestera has become what they are today. If you liked 01.05.1886, you’ll love Pengarna eller livet. The album is essential in every home; not just the punkcollection. Everyone has to reflect upon which society we wanna live in. Do we need war? Do we need the capitalistic system?

Selling points
# The CD comes in a jewelcase and a booklet.
# This record contains a cover of Bella ciao – but as Protestera want it to be.
# Great songs and a sheer anarchapunk attack to those in power. Power to the people!

Johan: vocals/guitar
Anders: guitar
Kalle: drums
Hanna: vocals/bass

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