PATARENI – Život Ne Osjecam LP


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First PATARENI studio full length in over 2 decades!! Hard to find limited pressing of 200 copies on heavy 180gr transparent green vinyl. 20 songs recorded between 2001 and 2011 featuring Giulio the Bastard (CRIPPLE BASTARDS) on vocals. The band gets back to its Grind/Punk roots delivering a crazed parade of energetic anthems ranging from their classic fast Hardcore/Grind to riff oriented Punk’n’roll grind with the distinctive growled vocals that always matched with their highly original songwriting. Among many unreleased tracks they also throw in some revisited covers of LIPCREAM, The STALIN and GG ALLIN. All this madness backed by a solid analog production that makes it very groovy and faithful to the band’s PunkRock roots. Formed in 1983 in Zagreb/Croatia, PATARENI stands as one of Europe’s oldest Grindcore bands and probably of the last survivours of the ex Jugoslavian Punk/HC scene that raged through the ’80s with legendary acts such as UBR, III Kategorija, Solunski Front, Brainstorm, Distress and more. Reverse-board cover including an excerpt from a zine explaining the history of these studio recordings. ONLY FEW COPIES AVAILABLE, ACT FAST!

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