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Released in early 2007 on CD through CONQUEROR OF THORNS RECORDS, this wasn’t your ordinary split. Not only was it FUNEBRARUM first material in over four years but it also marked the grand return of Avesta’s own INTERMENT, a fantastic yet quite unlucky Swedish death-metal formed back in 1988 (first as BEYOND) that initially had only the opportunity to record three acclaimed demos before calling it a day. After a twelve years break, the band had decided to reform around three of its key members – including drummer Kennet Englund and singer Johan Jansson, both former members of CENTINEX – and this was their first sign of life. And what a return it was, made of only brand new material and recorded at the Black Lounge studio by Jonas Kjellgren from SCAR SYMMETRY. Pure Swedish old-school death-metal bliss!

Yet determined to be up to the task, FUNEBRARUM’s part of this split is no less glorious and intense. Made of up of two new crushing songs (of which, “Grave Reaper” would later on be re-recorded for their ‘Sleep Of Dormant Sleep’ album) that proved that their doomy, dark brand of death-metal had lost none of its touch since the release of their debut album, the icing on the cake here truly remains their choice of covers. As in a way, Grave’s “Into The Grave” and Abhorrence’s “Caught In A Vortex” defined so perfectly the devilish parameters FUNEBRARUM had based all their evil deeds on.

Long out-of-print but now available again and for the first time on vinyl format, 40 minutes of death fucking metal, thanks to the fine folks here at DOOMENTIA. 

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