ELECTRO HIPPIES – The Only Good Punk Is A Dead One LP


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Marking 30 years of Peaceville, the classic 1988 debut from UK ‘crust Gods’ Electro Hippies on vinyl. 

Cult UK crust punk/metal act Electro Hippies was formed in 1985 in Wigan by Simon (drums) and Bruno (Bass), followed by Andy on guitars (and then vocals). Originally setting out with the short-lived intention of recording a single demo (even featuring Jeff Walker among their ranks before moving on to Carcass), the band went on to release the seminal The Only Good Punk…(Is a Dead One) in 1988, which was amongst the very first releases on the newly formed Peaceville Records.
The album was recorded November/December of 1987 at Lion Studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It demonstrated a perfect attack of lo-fi crust, hardcore and grind, with Electro Hippies also notably recording a session for the legendary John Peel.
The band eventually split in 1989 though have always retained a strong cult following.
Presented in its original vinyl sleeve. 

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