DISSENT – Epitomy Of Democracy? LP


hardcore / punk

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Dissent were a late 80s U.S. band from Rapid City, South Dakota that played political punk with insightful lyrics and plenty of positive energy.  Their ethos and sound put them in the emerging U.S. peace punk scene of the day and Dissent traveled in the same circles with contemporaries like Dead Silence, Libido Boyz, Cringer and Amenity, all bands that appeared along with them on the MRR comp. “They Don’t Get Paid…”  Dissent released two Lps, a couple of Eps and a split Lp with Dead Silence, though the split Lp was a re-release of older tracks by both bands.  Sadly, the group dissolved when Bob Baker, their guitarist, principle songwriter and singer was killed by a drunk driver in a car crash.  Included in this file is essentially their entire discography… their eponymous first Lp, “Epitome of Democracy?” their great second Lp, along with their two 7″ Eps.  The first Lp and 7″ are not my favorite as I really don’t like the voice of their first singer Skip.  After the first Lp he left the band Bob took over vocals, and in my opinion, the band hit their stride.  “Epitome of Democracy?” is a classic Lp of this time period for me.



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