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Devastating d-beat crust punk! Agony of War and Not my World on vinyl record. BOM-2019-07, 11 tracks, 45 rpm, single pocket sleeve in polybag, 300 copies pressed

D-beat crust punks Disapprove from Kuopio, Finland are back with Not My Word their 3rd recording after Life’s Hell (2017) and Agony of War (2018). The band continues to deliver the same high levels of excellent D-beat crust punk in 5 songs and nearly 10 minutes. Recording, mixing and mastering by Erkka Närhi.
-Crust Demos 7/26/2019

Heavyweight Finnish d-beat / crust crew Disapprove caught my attention with their fittingly bombarding 2018 EP, Agony of War. (Note: you should consider tracking down Agony of War – it’s devastating fun). The four-piece band’s latest release, Not My World, features similarly blunt and brutal tracks that owe a debt to Discharge, Disclose, and the feral savagery that defines the best Finnish hardcore. Expect barreling riffs, driving bass, and guttural vocals, all choked by a thick haze of distortion. Even better, plenty of axe-wielding / Nordic-strength death metal powers Not My World’s momentum.
-In Crust We Trust, Volume 7

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