DIE YOU BASTARD! – Zenshin Zenrei LP


grind core / hardcore

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Die You Bastard! – Zenshin Zenrei – LP: Die You Bastard! from Japan is very close to the top of the top. This reload is central in our Japanese week. We are lucky to be alive in the right era to benefit from this ultimate grinding crossover synthesis of two decades of metal and hardcore, amen. So fast, classy, brutal and yet melodic and musically proficient, the best of everything! Japarmaggeddon supra – The blastfest never ends! Die You Bastard! fashion, so very fast as any Grindcore, so very catchy as any metallized Punk. A bit like a faster Rose Rose, that incredibly great, yes! Die You Bastard! carry the torch of true crossover hardcore in modern times, they are the most intense and the deadliest in their game, fuck yeah! Vinyl version of st CD from 2000.first time on Vinyl !!! On drums the legendary IRON FIST!!! from GISM/CROW- Limited to 300.

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