COUNTER ATTACK – The Stormbringer LP


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20 years old treasure lifted..1994. From  Göttingen (and Hildesheim), Germany, a crew called Black Essenz made their first attempt on vinyl, on the self-produced various artists compilation “Tag der Abrechnung”, which featured 2 of their tracks amongst some other crews (One of them becoming Cheech & Iakone later). Their sound would be best described as “Germcore” (Or Germ-Hardcore as on the booklet there).
The crew split shortly after, but 4 of the 6 members continued as Counter Attack from there on, recording and performing until 1997 before the crew entirely fell apart. Although from 1994 on there were further attempts to release a record and get known and heard, including the opportunity of a major deal with East West, this never happened and to most heads “Counter Attack” remained unknown. The contract with East West would’ve included a single and an album, but as the deal was withdrawn the demos remained at the studio for legal reasons. Only a very few demos tapes of the single were circulating, the single that was supposed to be released in 1996 – “Stormbringer”.

For those who never heard of Counter Attack before –  this wouldn’t have changed Britcore or “Germcore” back then, no new Readykill or No Remorze discovered here, but this would have been a benefit now and then. And it is! Recorded between 1994 and 1997, containing 2 tracks plus Intro and Outro and also the Instrumentals on the flip side. Coming lovely packed with a bit of background story and pictures of the crew on a 12″ sized sheet, this record is available on ordinary black as well as on red wax. And who else could have released it than Britcore Rawmance who already made an impact with some unheard underground material before.

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