ANTI CIMEX – Live 85/86 LP


d-beat / crust

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A1 Depressed Brain  
A2 Game Of The Arseholes  
A3 Desperate Hours  
A4 When The Innocent Die  
A5 In The Shadow Of A War  
A6 Silence Is The Only Thing Left  
A7 Cries Of Pain  
A8 Victims Of A Bomb Raid  
A9 Alarm  
B1 Intro  
B2 Prelude E-Minor / Criminal Trap  
B3 Game Of The Arseholes  
B4 Smell Of Silence  
B5 Make My Day  
B6 Desperate Hours  
B7 Set Me Free  
B8 Painkiller

Side A was recorded at Birkagården in Stockholm on the 24/5/1985
Side B was recorded at the Adam and Eve’s in Leeds 02/07/1986

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