Warhead – Change The Reality EP (LTD. 100/MAGENTA)


raw punk / hardcore

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Magenta vinyl! Limited 100 copies! Licensed from Bloodsucker Records!

After the super limited Tour Edition, now the official Euro version of Warhead’s “Change The Reality/ Release Yourself” EP. Will be available as a one-time pressing of 500 copies!

Comes in the regular Cover PLUS great inlay by the Japanese artist SUGI!! We have 5 different vinyl colors
and the color of the Sugi artwork matches the particular vinyl color.

Founded in Kyoto, Japan at the beginning of the ’90s, Warhead stands as one of the most respected and active bands in the highly prolific Japanese Hardcore/Punk infernal pit, their debut EP “Cry of Truth” and many other releases that followed are total classics in the genre, pure adrenalinic energy ripping through the anger-filled screaming vocals of their charismatic frontman Jun, neck-breaking velocity and high class riffs.

Two new tracks of all out Japanese hardcore with the most out of control vocalist in the game. First recordings with Satoru of Organism on bass!

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