PR 176 KONTRASOSIAL – Filthy Scum EP


d-beat / raw punk
černý vinyl
200 vylisováno
ve spolupráci s Not Enough Records, Rawmantic Disasters a Disaster Records

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Hodně hrubá a rozjetá raw punk špína z Indonésie. Pokud máte rádi kapely jako Mob 47, Anti-Cimex, ale načichlé japonskem alá Framtid, Zyanose nesmíte tuhle kapelu nechat bez povšimnutí! Vylisováno celkem pouze 300 ks!
Out of Bandung Indonesia we get this amazing band, filled with energy and a message that’s clear as fuck. PUNK IS REBELLION! 
This release is a full d-beat rawpunk assault that leaves no one untouched by their furious and mad screams from the depths of societies doorsteps. 

Coreleased by Not Enough, Disaster records, Phobia records and Rawmantic disasters.

Coverartwork by Buzzcoreraw 
Graphic & Layout by Diannov 
Recorded live at the Klub Racun with the help from Babu and Pandora Lab withhelp from Opung June 2017. 
Mixed and mastered at Wrath Lab with help from Andry, February 2018 

All songs written and preformed by Kontrasosial except: Intro taken from For A Few Dollars More By Ennio Morricone. 
Setengah Binatang (Noise version) performed by Glibly Ninja

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