OI POLLOI – Donald Trump – Fuck You! / UK 2017 EP



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Not much makes me happier than releasing a record by a band I’ve loved for a long time, so once again very pleased to put this one out. 2 brand new tracks of progressive street crust from Oi Polloi taking on Donald Trump and the state of the UK at the moment. Double A sider (without a doubt, both way too good to be a B-side!) Comes in 3 different patriotic” splatters, red with white and blue splatter, white with red and blue splatter, and blue with red and white splatter, only 250 pressed of each version. Full colour lyric insert included. PLEASE NOTE that the blue vinyl version is officially released 11.9.17 (yes, that is 9/11!) so any orders for that one will be classed as pre orders, and anything else in your order will be sent out with it, a couple of days before release date so you have it on or before the day it’s out, cheers!

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