ENTRAILS MASSACRE – Alienation Anarchism 6EP”


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Entrails Massacre’s Alienation Anarchism” 6″ EP is sure going to be a face ripper! Having released numerous Splits in the past, this will be the band’s very first solo EP during their 24-year existence. With 7 brandnew songs (including a cover of Sayyadina’s “Last days make the least”) in a high-quality sound outfit and just under 8.5 minutes, this release promises to leave you bleeding and begging for more! Recorded & mixed by Roy Cable at Ostsee-Rock/Session Studio, Rostock & mastered by Pluto Poserslaughter (Vintagemastering, Berlin), E.M. sounds more crushing and more vicious than ever before. For sure another blazing step forward after their latest album! Conceptually, the EP’s lyrical content revolves around problems in today’s nightmare society while structurally the music is that blistering & adrenaline- crazed Grindcoreviolence that you would expect from E.M. …. tight, dynamic, fast and loud. Fans of Noisear, Discordance Axis, Magrudergrind, Suffering Mind, Maruta, Pig Destroyer etc. will not want to miss out on this EP!




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