Artcore Fanzine Issue #41 with Stukas Over Bedrock – “Life Like Yogi” 7″EP


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STUKAS OVER BEDROCK: This highly sought after classic L.A. Hanna-Barbaric hardcore punk 7″ from 1984 expanded to a six song remixed and remastered EP on ‘Dino’ purple vinyl. ‘Life Like Yogi’ comes in the 12 page 7″ ‘Artcore Audio Fanzine’ booklet sleeve including SxOxBx interview/history, lyrics and dozens of unpublished photos by Linda Aronow… and of course a download code.

ARTCORE #41: Features interviews with: NAKED RAYGUN, THE LUNGS, MAU MAUS, WRONG WAR, ZERO AGAIN, WHITE STAINS and SOCIAL EXPERIMENT while Vaultage features a history of WALL OF VOODOO and interviews with thrashers CONDEMNED TO DEATH and ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT and the highly influential RIKK AGNEW talks about O.C life. On top of all that there’s the art of JIM MARTIN as well as loads of bad reviews all jammed into 36 pages.

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