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d-beat / raw punk

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3-way split Tape by three bands of Sweden and Indonesia. Rajoitus is a noisy fin finish core style hardcore punk regrettably broken! Recording 5 songs in 2006 rehearsal. Zudas Krust is a noisy low crust core in Indonesia. Sounds of pretty Scandinavian diameter. Seven songs rushing sweepingly are recorded. Abnorm is still Swedish low hardcore reminiscent of the early 80s as usual. A distinctive butterfly feeling is alive. TOTAL 23 songs including 11 songs including 1 cover of Missbrukarna!

Track List: 
01. Rajoitus-Kдdet Kдdessд 
02. Rajoitus-Poliisi Siat 
03. Rajoitus-Loputon Sota 
04. Rajoitus-Joulo On Taas 
05. Rajoitus-Tдmдn Pдivдn Uutiset 
06. Zudas Krust-Tergusur 
07. Zudas Krust-Don’t Kill Them 
08. Zudas Krust-Terprogram 
09. Zudas Krust-Everyday Is Hell 
10. Zudas Krust-Million Peoples Are Suffering 
11. Zudas Krust-Deforestation 
12. Zudas Krust-Who Need 
13. Abnorm-Vдrlden дr full av hat 
14. Abnorm-Allt e skit 
15. Abnorm-Skitpolitik 
16. Abnorm-Politik дr en lцgn 
17. Abnorm-Domedagen 
18. Abnorm-Falsk verklighet 
19. Abnorm-I Guds namn 
20. Abnorm-R detta frihet 
21. Abnorm-Lеt dom inte lura dig 
22. Abnorm-Dom knдcker inte mig 
23. Abnorm-Datorstat (Missbrukarna cover)

List: DBR-045 
Format: Tape 
Released: 2016

Pro manufactured cassette that come with pro-printed j-card. 
Housed with nice thick Outerslip.

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