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This band is bad ass! Southeast Asia Current Indonesian Harsh/Noisy D-BEAT KAAOS RAW PUNK Group, 2018 1st Pro Copy Cassette! Details are unknown but honesty I myself firstly pinned to the sense of this artwork When I listened to the sounds I thought that it was a gig! 
Anyway, it is reverb vocal which reminiscent of KAAOS that comes there, to the serious radiation noise guitar coming with this bean to drumming with a lot of hands! 
As I wrote something or what recent sounds! I do not say anything to what you say, but I think that the inconvenience and destructive ATTACK feeling that drifts from this whole sound is still quite astonishing! 
And when you discover such intense things, it does not matter to PUNK again the borders! I think! No, I think that here is the destructive power of realistic PUNK which will easily crush the border or the era! 
So I can not stop!

Track List: 
01. Perbudakan 
02. Rampas Kembali 
03. Atas Nama Negara 
04. Intimidasi Dan Dibungkam 
05. Ini Tanah Kami 
06. They Know You

List: DBR-052 
Format: Tape 
Released: 2018

Pro manufactured cassette that come with pro-printed j-card. 
Housed with nice thick Outerslip.

Listen here:

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