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PDX long running modern Stenchcore Metal Crust with great collection featuring all their singles: self-titled 7 2003, split 7″ with Consume 2003, split with Effigy 2004, “World darknes” 7″ 2005, “Warlord” 7″ 2005, “Shakonetu joku” 7″ 2005, and tracks from the “Portland City Hard Punk” Lp-compilation 2005. Modern stenchcore masters, unmissable even for the ones who own the originals. This cassette version contain 3 extra track from split 7″ with AGE 2009 and track from Low men in yellow cloaks 7″ 2014, that are not included in the original CD / LP version released by Black Water and HG Fact in 2009.

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