ZETKIN – Vanguard LP

metal / punk / thrash


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Parádní hrubej metal / punk ve stylu Toxic Holocaust, Midnight, Impalers. Jízda!

Fed up with apolitical, cynical music without attitude? ZETKIN are here to fulfill your need for a strong message delivered with ripping, thrashing, raging sounds that will fuel your rage. You’ll get 4 songs that honour and celebrate militant working class action from the trenches of World War I. to the tunnels of Vietnam. Heavily influenced by early Bay-Area thrash, crust/metal-punk and the crushing sounds of early swedish death-metal. vanguard” is a musical molotov cocktail that will burn away your resignation and replace it with red hot anger. Raw metal-punk (musicwise like IMPALERS, TOXIC HOLOCAUST or MIDNIGHT etc.) that will make you want to read Marx and join the front lines of class war. Pick up the red flag and become part of the “vanguard”!

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