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This compilation pays tribute to power-violence legends SPAZZ. The band formed in 1992 in Redwood city, California and have gone on to inspire bands all around the world. 26 bands from 14 different countries have covered songs from various Spazz releases to create what we hope is a fitting tribute to a hugely inovative and inspirational band.

To have a band go to the trouble of investing the time, expense and effort to learn & record a song I took part in writting two decades ago is a humbling experience. To have 26 bands do this is staggering. I don’t spend all days sitting around listening to old Spazz recordings. Quite the possible. There are countless songs I haven’t heard since ’90s, and some I’ve forgotten about entirely. Now that I’ve finally had a chance to hear this tribute compilation, I’m impressed that these bands from all over the planet have pumped new life into these tracks. The energy is raw. The enthusiasm is pure. I’m reminded why some of these tunes can be punishing yet hilarious, quirky yet fierce. Unlike my own recordings, I’m actually listening to this comp repeatedly. It’s flattering beyond words ….. so I guess I should just shut up then ….” (Chris Dodge)

– Horsebastard (uk), Godhole (uk), Gets Worse(uk), Endless Swarm (uk), Boak (uk), Brainshit (uk),Chinsniffer (uk), Nothing Clean (uk), Fetus Christ(uk), Chulo (colombia), Sordo (usa), OSK (canada),Chiens (france), Catarro (brazil), God’s America(usa), Bleed the Pigs (usa), INTHESHIT (usa),xKatexMoshx (italy), Captain Caveman (germany),Sete Star Sept (japan), Teething (spain), Higgs Boson (norway), PowerXchuck (australia), ANF(italy), Purge (usa), Faršas (lithuania) ………


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