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U.X. VILEHEADS is the latest in the line of great Hardcore bands coming out of Sweden and a veritable who’s who of Umeå hardcore.
Marcus on bass is of course known from bands like REGULATIONS, TRISTESS, INSTÄNGD and so on. Andre on drums played The VICIOUS, TRISTESS, DS-13, INVASIONEN, The LOST PATROL BAND and many more.
Fredrik on the shredding guitar did not only record the record but has also played with such bands as INSURGENT KID, AMBULANCE, DÖDSDÖMD, SÄNKT and whole bunch of others. Torbjörn on vocals is a newcomer compared to the other guys but he has already cut his teeth with bands like ATTYDPROBLEM and MANBOYS. After releasing two succesful 7″ on Deranged Records and Adult Crash Records it was time to release a full-lenght. The record is a 12-song attack of relentless Hardcore/Punk in the vein of OFFENDERS, RAW POWER, TOXIC REASONS and MINOR THREAT.


After two killer 7″ EPs, Umeå, Sweden’s UX Vileheads unleash their debut LP. While the Vileheads have always played a killer mix of straight up 80s USHC and UK82 punk, the latter element is even more conspicuous on this material, making it the band’s catchiest to date. No other current band so effectively combines the gritty energy of Minor Threat and early Black Flag with the fist-pumping singalongs of the UK Subs. Those who are familiar with the band and its members no doubt have high expectations, and Hardcore XI summarily exceeds them. Quite simply, this is a perfect hardcore LP.


I just had to carry this after getting a personal copy 1st. So I’ll admit, when the 1st 7” came some years back I was hesitant to checking em’ out because it was yet ANOTHER band w DS 13 and Regulations guys. I mean, the whole members of card by that point for me personally just wore thin and really meant jackshit. But I bought it eventually and was into it more than I thought I’d be. Then came the Catch 22 EP and I was by that point won over by their fairly authentic take on USHC. Now, their 3rd release is this-their 1st LP. I sure hope this is not a swansong record because this one is the best yet. Still more of the same early Dischord meets NY sound as shown on previous efforts but the late 70’s/early 80’s punk influence is just as equal I would say. Daniel (SS honcho who did this US press) said it pretty good when he compared this to Flag crossed w UK Subs. A truly classic sounding LP but of course not from then but now! The recording is slick too, which took me a few listens to accustom myself to but that’s not even really a complaint! One of the my top 10 LP’s of 2011, which is saying a lot as I felt not a lot of HC stood up well on LP last year.

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