TYFOON – Criminal death LP + booklet

thrash / death


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Violent Death/Thrashing onslaught from the darkest alleys of the ’80s Belgian Underground…  TYFOON‘s two and only Demotapes “The end” (1987) and “The edge of violence” (1992) for the first time on vinyl, remastered from the band’s sources.   Caustic and aggressive death-tinged Thrash Metal that recalls the mid ’80s Teutonic school of titans like Kreator and Sodom!! If we were to rank our favorite Belgian demos of that era, “The end” is undoubtedly in the top five with its nonstop fast, raw and desecrating delivery. And to complete the F.O.A.D. quality-treatment this LP comes with a massive full colored booklet filled with rare photos, flyers, memorabilia and biographical notes. Watch the trailer HERE

Solid black vinyl (180 GRAMS) limited to 200 copies

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