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Sometimes, you just need to dive in without much second thought. And that’s exactly what Paul Speckmann and then MASTER guitar player Bryan Brady did back in 1999 right after they had completed their European tour with MALEVOLENT CREATION and KRABATHOR. Having decided to remain for few weeks in Tilburg in the Netherlands where the tour had ended, the pair did what they knew: partying, hanging out with friends from the local metal scene and playing music. One thing leading to another and having been an all time punk fan, Paul thought this was the right time to finally make one of longtime fantasy a reality and thus vowed to write, record and mix those eleven pissed off crossover inspired tunes in 34 hours (!) with Brady on guitar and along with Alex van Wanrooy on drums at a friend’s studio called Double Noise in Tilburg, Holland!

The more friends the better so Richard Schouten from ACROSTICHON also pitched in on lead guitar, as Ferry Damen from ANTHROPOMORPHIA lending his demonic voice to those short but sweet (as Billy Milano would have said) nuggets that are like GBH on crack or a more metal version of AGNOSTIC FRONT, yet with that instantly recognizable Speckmann touch, Paul doing most of the vocals and the writing here. 

Sadly, although a CD version was released soon after via METAL AGE productions (then distributed by Sony Music!), the label quickly disappeared from the surface of the planet few months later and so did that one-time recording. Thankfully, having forged a long and enduring partnership with MASTER’s leader, DOOMENTIA is more than proud to be reissuing on LP this in-your-face album whose songtitles alone (“Scumbag”, “U Stink”, “Spoilt Brat”) will let you know everything you need about its creator then state-of-mind. So grab the nearest ale, crank it up and get pissed ‘cos here comes SOLUTIONS!

Released by Doomentia

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