SEITAN – D-beat Hippie Lovers LP

d-beat / hardcore


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Ultrabrutal Swedish D-Beat Raw Punk Noize straight outta GBG. Their classic 1st Album, only released on CD before years and years ago. It also took us years and years to get the contact with the band as we allways wanted to vinylize dis beast album. Now its the time. And: its coming out together with their even better 2nd Album “krossa valdspatriakatet” (Rawmantic Disasters 116 / Burning Anger 020).

Take the Best of Warsore and the best of Disclose/Discharge and you have Seitan.

Damn it, we love DIS band, one of our best releases so far, no joke. total mindblowing grinding Raw Punk violence in D-Takt, fast, furious, infernal, total Noisecore Hypnosis.

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