SATANIKA – Nightmare LP

black / thrash metal


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One could say that DOOMENTIA is no stranger to that rotten and 80’s infested genre known as black/thrash as in the past, the label has been associated with such vile acts as BUNKER 66, TANGORODRIM or HATRED. What they all had in common was their unquenchable thirst for a primitive and true-to-the-roots form of metal and not its watered down so-called modern version. So in a way, SATANIKA fits right in, especially with the impressive pedigree of those Roma-based veterans that have been serving the cause with MASSEMORD, VESPER and HANDFUL OF HATE among (many) others. 
But what really triggered this new collaboration whose first aftermath is this classy gatefold LP version of their latest album, released last January on CD by IRON SHIELD RECORDS, is how ‘Nightmare’ manages to build a bridge between the two schools. Extremely powerful-sounding, it mixes mid-period KREATOR or DESTRUCTION ‘s cruelty with the more up-to-date but as lethal sound of later bands like WARBRINGER. 
This being said, those warriors haven’t forget to remain faithful to the sound of yore and as a tribute to their elders, they’ve included exclusively for this version a ripping cover of NOCTURNAL BREED’s “Screaming For A Leather Bitch”. And they don’t rest on their laurels either by simply rehashing the same old ‘Pleasure to Kill’ riff over again and again. No, not only does ‘Nightmare’ sounds BIG and MASSIVE but on it, SATANIKA sounds as tight as fuck without ever loosing their infernal drive. More dynamic, more focused, more everything, this incredible album takes the whole black/thrash genre at warp speed into the 21st century. Aggressive, morbid, perfectly illustrated by Mark Riddick’s striking art and metal-as-fuck, SATANIKA is a fist in the face of God!

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