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Suburban Voice #44
Hammering, full-on thrash blitz by this Japanese band. Distorted bass and guitar, double speed drumming and angry vocals, along with the occasional sputtering lead. The tempo is mostly DRI/INFEST fast, with some kickass breakdowns, but ¸Substitution· sounds like a lost RAW POWER classic. Completely raging hardcore and it¶s over way too soon.

MRR #224
Holy fukk this rages! You know a record is good when you get goose bumps just sitting there listening to it! According to my sources from deep within the MRR compound this band has somebody affiliated with GAUZE in it, though it isn’t an actual band member of GAUZE. And speaking of GAUZE band members, the album was produced by one of them. In fact the two bands are so alike the comparison between them is inevitable. NK6 blast through nine songs of mind-blowing punk. It is dead on classic Japanese thrash. Ferocious drumming, buzzing guitars and really strong vocals. Jesus fukking Christ this is an amazing record!! Absolutely essential!!

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