NEVERENDING MIND WAR – Demo I and II – one sided LP

stenchcore / death


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If you combine the two demos that Philadelphia band Neverending Mind War have released so far, there’s only about ten minutes of music to be enjoyed. However, that’s still plenty of time to appreciate that Neverending Mind War instinctively know how to carve out rotting trenches of noise with raw-as-fuck riffs and blown-out vocals. Neverending Mind War features members from bands like Incisor, Mortal War and the indomitable Pollen. All of Neverending Mind War’s songs are blistering minute-long shock waves, and the band nail the guts, the stench, and the off-the-chain viciousness of feral hardcore on every single track. Obviously, you could also argue that all of those tracks are comprised of incomprehensible vocals, appalling music, and that they sound utterly horrendous. But then, that’s why they’re so fucking great. Both of Neverending Mind War’s demos sound like every instrument and guttural vocal therein has been pissed on, dunked in acid, and then rolled in barbed wire before being set alight. If the haemorrhaging musical vortexes of Japanese punks like Zyanose or Isterismo appeal, then rest assured that Neverending Mind War’s sadistic racket will too. It’s ultra-harsh noise for ultra-harsh times. And it’s perfectly fucking awful.You will hear noise, chaos and destruction in this demo. Indicated for those who like Gloom, Abraham Cross, Napalm Death (“Scum” era) and Sore Throat. Great! 1 sided LP.

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