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Since we last heard from Washington’s favorite punker party wreckers, they’ve have undergone a personnel change and quietly released a couple of limited cassettes but, most importantly, they have finally solidified themselves as a focused force of destruction hell bent on destroying any preconceived notions of what “hardcore” is supposed to be. Rest assured the deep disdain and power are still present but they’ve zeroed in on a path and stomp boldly forward. They’ve turned up the noise and the confusion a notch or 5 too without sacrificing any of the rage either. Damn, this one is mean. Life is mean. Life is NASTI.

200 on black and 100 on white 150gr vinyl housed in a inside out jacket with a poster ( riso ), lyric sheet and download card included. Recorded by Joey Hidalgo. Mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Riley Kerr.

The American Version of this LP is pressed and available through our good friends at Iron Lung Records.
releases October 15, 2021

Michael Furlong – guitar
Riley Kerr – vocals
Ryan Mathews – guitar
Jack Bleakmore – drums
Jensen Ward – bass

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