MALFEITOR – To Hell, Farewell 10LP”

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Whoever follows DOOMENTIA RECORDS should know that we first love old-school Swedish death-metal and two that we are what you could say loyal metalheads. So after we had a first successful collaboration with drummer Janne Björkenfjäll and producer, engineer and guitarist Benny Moberg for the ORDO INFERUS debut ep, we jumped on the occasion when the lads offered us to re-release their other band debut demo, released back in 2011.

Initially launched as a way for three veterans of the Swedish scene (EXCRUCIATE, MASTICATION, GODHATE, BLOOD MORTIZED etc.) to simply get together and bash some good old death-metal together for their selfish pleasure, MALFEITOR has quickly acquired a quite unique status in the scene. Definitively old-school in spirit yet not a simple exercise in nostalgia, as the band isn’t afraid of throwing into the pot few black-metal elements or some quirky riffs here and there, this was clear right from the start that this wasn’t just another ‘retro’ band. And while the band is working on their second album, it’s now time to go back to where it all started.

Already released in 2011 by TILL YOU FUKKIN BLEED productions in only 66 copies on tape and with a cover by David Devilish, their first six racks demo ‘To Hell, Farewell’ is now available again on a lavish 10”, including bonus track “The Pain Collector”. 

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