LÄRM – Complete Campaign For Musical Destruction 2xLP

extreme hardcore
double LP


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Kompletní a vyčerpávající diskografie holandské legendy rychlého hardcoru známé svými radikálními postoji a texty.

Complete Campaign For Musical Destruction LP
Originally released as a split LP with Stanx on Er Is Hoop/Eenheidsfront Records” (1984)

No One Can Be That Dumb EP
Originally released as a EP on “Lärm Records” (1985)

Straight On View LP
Originally released as a LP on “One Step Ahead Records” (1986)

Nothing Is Hard If You Dare To Scale The Heights EP
Originally released as a EP on “Definite Choice Records” (1987)


 A1 The Complexity Of Life 1:04     
 A2 Chemical Suicide 0:48     
 A3 Passive Punks 0:28     
 A4 Nothing For Us 0:33     
 A5 Puppets On A String 0:53     
 A6 OSL 0:43     
 A7 South Africa 0:48     
 A8 Hippies 0:49     
 A9 Opium Of The Masses 1:06     
A10 Dance ‘Till You Drop 0:34     
A11 Revolting Youth 0:43     
A12 Gesprek Met De Minister-President/Haagse Mafia 0:47     
A13 Pigeon 0:39     
A14 Police Threats 1:00     
A15 Crucify The Pope 1:06     
A16 Only Reality 0:06     
A17 Our Future 0:32     
A18 Red Brigades 0:58     
A19 Wodka 0:34     
A20 Disorder 0:34     
A21 N.R.I.P. 0:28     
A22 Don’t Wanna Pay Their Debts 0:51     
A23 Ban The Bomb 0:43     
A24 Vivisection 1:10     
A25 Boredom 0:36     
A26 Too Old 0:22     
A27 The Pogo 0:35     
A28 It’s Not What It Seems To Be 0:56
 B1 T.V. Spots 0:18     
 B2 Obsessed By Your Image 1:15     
 B3 Wodka 0:29     
 B4 Ignorance 0:58     
 B5 Escape To Death 1:28     
 B6 Drunk Freak 0:29     
 B7 Chemical Suicide 0:48     
 B8 Somewhere Over The Rainbow 1:16     
 B9 No Words No Lyrics 0:51     
B10 No One Can Be That Dumb 1:09     
B11 Dollars And Roebels 0:29     
B12 Non-Conformity 2:46     
B13 Our Future / Don’t Wanna Pay Their Debts 1:28     
B14 Up To You 1:35 
 C1 It’s Up To You 1:49     
 C2 Sheer Mountains 0:57     
 C3 Dollars And Roebels 0:25     
 C4 Ignorance 1:05     
 C5 Negative Approach 1:52     
 C6 Concrete 0:39     
 C7 No One Can Be That Dumb 1:12     
 C8 Escape To Death 1:34     
 C9 Metal Attitude Sucks (M.A.S.) 0:57     
C10 Nuclear Barbeque Party 1:01     
C11 Puppets On A String 0:56     
C12 Home Broken Home 1:08     
C13 Megalo Mania 1:13     
C14 Junk 0:51     
C15 Work/Mad 0:58     
C16 Settled 0:49     
C17 Troubled Mind 1:57     

 D1 Mouth Full Of Teeth 1:14     
 D2 Move To Russia 0:40     
 D3 Ask More 1:14     
 D4 A-Political Dick 1:35     
 D5 Woensdrecht 0:40
 D6 Who’s One? 0:59     
 D7 Animals Have Feelings Too 0:58     
 D8 Start 0:39     
 D9 Bubba’s Revenge 0:54     
D10 Shades 1:35     
D11 Smog 0:31     
D12 Violence Sucks! 0:23     
D13 Outro 0:50     

Bonus Tracks
D14 Destroy Sexism 1:16     
D15 Vader Abraham 0:53     
D16 Victim 1:24    

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