KRYPTS – Unending Degradation LP

death metal


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Hrubej valivej old school death metal alá Bolt Thrower s občasnejma pasážema ve stylu Hooded Menace / Coffins.


Swimming through the boggy waters of the river of despair, await the horrors of cursed worlds: the realms of cracked soil and leaden skies where sunlight is not hidden but swallowed. And lightning strikes without even gleaming and with increasing force, scourging the feelings that as feeble humans, so wrongly they think that can be avoided. Once gone ashore to the boundary of the unknown, there’s no odyssey to bring the individual back to his physical nor mental peak. Krypts are suitable as the threshold between these dimensions of dualistic universes within, as Unending Degradation” owns the rare faculty of transporting the temerarious listener from one shore to another just by being exposed to the opening notes of their long play´s induction. All is susceptible of happening, with a disconcerting hunch that anything is possible as it was an open ending confined into the severity of the death metal´s branch, haunting the senses and sharpening the sensibility of all those whom are merely and absolutely dark oriented. Because of this, “Unending Degradation” is rancid and sourpuss to the extent of believable, old fashioned and genuine but not senseless pretended old school mockery per se. 375gsm Jacket With 3mm Spine print on reverse board – 140g Black

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