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Exhumed / Iron Reagan

Not only do we get two amazing albums from these two bands – both turning in top ten albums easily in 2013 – but now they give us extra songs they split sutures on cadavers all over the globe. Not only that, but Tankcrimes went all out with one cool design, simple yet stark image. I am a sucker for negative space. Eight songs here that are all awesome and will loop in repeat continuously.


“Gravewalker” opens this with a searing bass line that sways onto an infectious riff. Gang growled chorus over the tenacious drums should motivate any cool kids playing the wall to stage dive and start clobbering fools in the pit. The second half blurs past my ears with mind numbing death grind whatever.

“Dead to the World” is old school carpet bombing death metal blessed with grind-core speed and treacherous blast beats. The recording is straight forward and honest with septic delivery of Carcass or Morbid Angel or Bathory.

Exhumed continues to slay with their own material. But on hearing the Minor Threat cover, I blew spooge. Grind core heaven. “Ready to Fight” is even more explosive. This is incendiary music. One of the greatest songs ever written is now commited to public record with the flare of death metal vengeance. The last mote of restraint is used to not commit acts of arson with this as my soundtrack.


These songs have Iron Reagan honed and tighter and fiercer than their full length. I hear way more thrash on the first track, “Life Beater” but the old formula is pushed aside for a stronger thrash presence. These tracks are still way more DRI over Death Angel, but the production approach is different, clean and crisp. All four songs still start with a hardcore appreciation that will get skinheads, core kids punks and metal heads hugging it out.

“Gave Up” gets back to this year’s full length feel. The mosh is heavy in this one. “Mini Lights” hit like a missile with critical, fast shredding. Iron Reagan channel an Exodus feel here. The DRI adoration is on high and it is executed with precision.

FFO: Insect Warfare, Phobia, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Magrudergrind, Agnostic Front. (Hutch)

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