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Not that many band cite as influences BOLT THROWER, AUTOPSY and WINO or SOUNDGARDEN. Then again, not that many bands sound like Bilbao’s HORN OF THE RHINO. If in 2010 their first album ‘Weight Of Coronation’ on Doomentia Records proved to be slippery case – that is an album that denies any form of categorization, apart maybe from being filed under the ‘fucking heavy’ tag – its follow-up will undoubtedly see even more people scratching their heads, that is if they manage to survive this insanely powerful barrage of riffs. 

A far more heavier and meaner affair than their previous offering, the subject matters of this fourth full-length alone should easily tip those who will dare stepping in that ‘Grengus’ is no nice walk in the park with songtitles like “Piles Of Severed Heads”, “Waste For Ghouls” or “Awaken Horror Of Tuul”. Once again, you’ll find here a collusion of sludge, doom and heavy fuckin’ metal but with the band own twist. Then again, it’s never totally devoid of melody somehow, with guitar player and frontman Javier Gàlvez unmistakable voice still be the most valuable weapon in their armoury as he’s more than ever able to rasp in a demonic voice one second and sing in a soothing yet desperate way the next. 

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