HIGHRIDER – Armageddon Rock LP

metal / punk


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A lot of the time I listen to heavy metal bands that are more gimmicky than anything like Manowar. Bands that are straight from the 80s, you know, with skin tight leather, riding motorcycles, and drinking beer because that’s the dream for plenty of us. But sometimes it’s nice to go the other direction and find some more serious, and I say that pretty loosely, heavy metal, and Highrider presents to us a very ideal album of such.

With but four tracks to its name, “Armageddon Rock” could seem, at first glance, a bit of a let down if you’re looking for a longer album that had a wide variety of tracks to choose from and enjoy. However, while the EP isn’t lengthy, there is still more than enough variety and excitement to be gotten out of them as Highrider prove with “Armageddon Rock” that they understand what it takes to create enjoyable heavy metal that is actually heavy and sticks true to the modern vision of the genre. I mean that in the best possibly way as well because this EP is immensely entertaining with its crunchy riffs and rhythms alongside fantastic vocals that create an amazing sense that only people who actively seek out heavy metal can truly appreciate how well done this album is compared to many other albums we sift through. “Armageddon Rock” is truly a solid piece of the genre that can only exist in the underground scene anymore, and that makes me sad because this is quite an entertaining record the likes of which you see every now and then, but Highrider somehow manage to go above and beyond with it and that somehow adds so much more to “Armageddon Rock” that I initially thought.

A piece of heavy metal that underground fans must not miss for the world, Highrider show with it that they are ready to come at the world full speed ahead and that they aren’t pulling any punches. Of all the modern heavy metal bands that I’ve heard in recent years, this is possibly the one with the most potential and you can definitely hear why with “Armageddon Rock” alone.

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