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FRANTIC out of LA is one of the most refreshing and urgent bands from the past few years! With their first vinyl release They bring break kneck pogo speed noise core with spine shattering blasts. Noise guitar is perfectly indiscernible paired with groovy stoned out bouncing catchy RAINEY esque bass runs!Desperate vocals seething with hate! We were buyin these boys beers just a couple years ago and now they have unleashed a new awakening for the love of noize and HATE for the police. This release brings a smile to any noizecore lover, fiend, cop hater, tree hugger, dope fiend, delinquent etc! These kids are drinkin/smokin heavy and playin and speaking their minds LOUD! No hype here just pure noisecore straight from the heart! Enjoy and look out for these maniacs on the road!!

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