EYEHATEGOD – Take As Needed For Pain LP

sludge / stoner


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If there was ever an album out there for stumbling home after a bar brawl, doing thankless work in the oppressive summer heat, and portraying addled negativity so well and with such weighty riffing, Take as Needed for Pain fills those roles perfectly. It leaves a trail of dirt and broken needles wherever it goes while channeling such force into the riffing that it makes you want to bang along. It makes you want to throw away all cares and smother yourself in the intoxicating texture and density of the riffs, like dunking your head into an oil drum. These guys may go slow, but they know how to work brilliantly nasty riffing in and vary the tempo for some faster bouts of low-down fury. Plus, these songs and these riffs have a way of sticking with you because of how focused the rhythm is despite the obvious haze of drugs. It’s a memorable load of filth, perfect for episodes of violence and despondence with a sound that leaves one sweating for more.

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