DELIVERANCE – Rescue From Danger LP

hardcore hip hop / britcore


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BN1, BN1, BN1..
This is the crew that made Brighton’s ZIP-Code famous in Hip-Hop-Europe in the early to mid-nineties. Deliverance, or the D-Crew how they used to call themselves often, only ever released 4 12″s, including one EP within 5 years between 1992 and 1996. In an interview conducted by German Hip Hop fanzine “Frontal” in 1996 done after their gig with II Tone Committee and Direkt Action in Hamburg, D-Crew members said they’re more into singles than an album at that time and would continue doing up to 6 or 7 singles first and see how it works before eventually releasing an mini-album called “Cinematics In A Vision”. However, the scene changed and no further tracks were recorded let alone released. Those who saw them live knew there were more tracks put together though, not only from Deliverance’ precursor P.H.P. but from Deliverance themselves, a couple of demo tracks were passed around for decades now, recorded from tape to tape to tape…and the sound quality became worse every time but the people loved the very few tracks that leaked through nevertheless – If they were lucky enough to get their hands on those at all!
In 2014 Britcore Rawmance made the effort and was able to persuade the former D-Crew members to release a collection of the remaining  tracks  in form of an album. The crew took out the old recordings, and resurrected them. The album, entitled “Rescue From Danger” includes tracks from a period of 1989 to 1995, which have been remastered, technically reworked and also remixed by Sirvive in the D-Crews very own way!



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