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CLITERATI — featuring former members of Poison Idea, Voetsek, and Murderess – plays Discharge/Doom-influenced queercore/d-beat/thrash crust. CLITERATI believes in equality through inclusion. “We are queer, straight, people of color, and white,” relays Lawless. “Our influences include the bands Doom, L7, and Bolt Thrower, with a healthy dose of Pacific Northwest D-punk. This band was brought together by Amelia Collins and we continue in loving memory of her vision to bring a breath of fresh air to Portland punk… get your clit in the pit.” The band’s forthcoming split with VIOLATION WOUND follows the recently issued three-track Nuked At Birth EP, available for free download at THIS LOCATION. Featuring Autopsy and former Abscess mastermind Chris Reifert on guitars and vocals, alongside bassist Joe Orterry, and drummer Matt O’Connell, Oakland, California-based VIOLATION WOUND was forged in a beer and whiskey-soaked basement in June of 2013. Driven to manufacture 100% real punk rock, fueled only by aggression and punishing riffs, VIOLATION WOUND honors the raw, dirty and pissed off ways of the genre’s original innovators, while carving out a path to call their own. Fans of Toxic Narcotic, Zeke, and Fear pay heed.

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