BUNKER 66 – Out Of The Bunker LP



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After their killer debut full-lenght on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS last year, the atomic warriors from Hell aka BUNKER 66 are back on DOOMENTIA! Hold your fire though, ‘Out of the Bunker’ ain’t no new material but a long-awaited reissue of their vey first official release, originally through REINIG RECORDS back in 2009. With the trio having just completed work on their next full-lenght already (to be called ‘Screaming Rock Believers’), the time is just right to revisit the band’s earliest days… Five years ago, Bone Incinerator (guitar), Damien Thorne (bass & vocals) and Desekrator of the Altar (drums) were already storming at the gates of heaven with their primitive and evil blend of old-school thrash and black-metal, with outrageous songtitles like “Radioactive Bath” or “A Can of Zyklon Please” that leaves little room for interpretation.

In six tracks and twenty minutes, BUNKER 66 did lay the (evil) foundations for what was to come and haven’t deviated from their initial course since then. Now officially re-released on LP by your faithful DOOMENTIA, thanks to ‘Out of the Bunker’ it’s once again time to raise the flag of hate. Thrash ‘til death! 

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