BLACK JESUS – Everything Black Everything Dead LP

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If you like your death-metal old, filthy and dirty while waving a middle finger in the face of all those so-called modern morons, one could say the only thing you need to know about Melbourne’s BLACK JESUS is that their sole demo from 2009 was re-released on vinyl by HELL’S HEADBANGERS. Considering this esteemed label past with rotten sounding bands like NUNSLAUGHTER or GOUGE, you know right away you’re in safe hands and that there are good chances that this new lot worships the altar of IMPETIGO, early NAPALM DEATH, REPULSION and embraces overall the genre’s true spirit, before corporate fucks, triggered drums and PC lyrics started demolishing it piece by piece.

Originally released on CD through a limited run of 500 copies only in March 2014, BLACK JESUS first proper album ‘Everything Black Everything Dead’ best asset is its brutal honesty and straight-forwardness and you can hear the canons rolling in as the For Those About To Die” intro kicks things in and never lets go for the next thirty-two minutes. Even if mainman Adrian Naudi most notably spent some time with THE BERZERKER, he knows his classics and swore to stick to the rules set out by the first MOSH series and all those great early WILD RAGES records. Rudimentary and raw yet never clumsy nor primitive for the sake of sounding primitive, they’ve incorporated thrash riffing, D-beat tempos and hardcore attitude into their sound, making it as compact and as in-your-face as possible. Masterfully produced by Jarro Raphael from NOCTURNAL GRAVES and DESTRÖYER 666, ‘Everything Black Everything Dead’ is a fist in the face of today death-metal scene and gets here the glorious vinyl treatment it deserved all the way, courtesy of DOOMENTIA of course!


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