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For the last twelve years, NASHGUL have been one of Europe’s best current grindcore band, end of discussion. Their ethics, true to the genre’s DIY roots, and obvious reverence for what made death-metal and punk’s bastard son so great in the first place are undeniable. Yet, for the first time since they’ve formed, they’ve gone through their first line-up change last year as long time partner Santi has stepped down from his position as vocalist, only to be immediately replaced Alex from the young and promising death-metal squad, BOKLUK. Meaning that this new split ain’t just the last of a long series of collaboration but actually NASHGUL very first recording (executed last October) with their new growler. Determined to make it count, besides providing English translations for all three songs (“Bethlem Royal”, “Abuso” and “La Ùltima Lacra”) lyrics in the insert, they’ve decided to pay tribute somehow to the legendary Peel Sessions by going for a no-frills-no-second-take-everything-live approach. This only makes the whole thing maybe their rawest, most brutal and grindcore-oriented material EVER!

Compared their grinding friends of the day, WAR MASTER are relatively new comers, at least in Europe. Yet, those Texans’ obvious BOLT THROWER-inspired form of death-metal (guess where they picked up their name from!) has already surpassed the simple tribute it suggested since they first formed five years ago and this is brilliantly exampled by their side of the split, a nearly six-minutes unreleased cut called “Sacrificial Death” that benefits from even more apparent crust influences and the guttural attack of their latest vocalist, Rahi of defunct grindcore heroes INSECT WARFARE.

Completed by a stunning Daniel Shaw in tunes artwork that makes reference to both bands’ past history, another fine addition to the already long list of ‘splits-to-invade-countries-to-the-sound-of-barbarian-style’ by DOOMENTIA, yeah!

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