VOLTAGE – Claustrophobia 7″EP

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VOLTAGE from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada offers up 5 new tracks of charged rocknroll following up their 2022 demo The War to End All Wars. BLOWN OUT MEDIA releases 300 black vinyl 7-inch records in double-sided fold-over cover with lyrics and photo of the band in action. Records are available from the Blown Out Media bigcartel shop at the link in the bio, or by contacting Blown Out Media at the link below.

British Columbian band Voltage’s 2022 demo, The War to End All Wars, led with a Dis-charged uppercut, and followed that up with a hefty Motörcrust wallop. Voltage’s new EP, Claustrophobia, is heavier and burlier (both welcome additions), while musically, Claustrophobia follows a similar brute-force punk ‘n’ roll path. The five songs here have rock-solid hooks, and they hit hard, too; “Claustrophobia” batters, “Sanctuary” pummels, and “Can’t Stay Clean” clobbers, etc. Voltage’s songs land with savage impact, and while Claustrophobia is a bruising encounter, its short, sharp tracks are made for repeat listening: a knockout release all round.
-Craig Hayes, In Crust We Trust Volume 31 Part 1, Last Rites

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